About Wixis

Wixis is a professional Design House & Manufacturer for electronic products established in 2009, our founders are experienced in this field and market based on almost 20 years. We have been specializing in advanced hardware & software developments, perfect OEM/ODM service and integrated supply chain service & solutions to our customers. And we created our own brand “WIXIS”.

Wixis Technology is a professional consumer electronics developer in China, we have our own R&D team (English-speaking engineers) to build high quality products and meet all kinds of requirements from customers. We maintain a very good cooperation relationship with original chipset providers, which enable us to have the first-hand resource and the best technical supports to our customers always.

We follow highly strict quality controls for each production process from raw materials purchasing to delivery, including PCBA, assembly, aging, testings, packaging, inspection etc. to ensure the products provided to our customers are with the highest quality. 

You can contact us anytime and our sales department will be peased to support you.

Wixis products and services

Our main product is multifunctional mousepad. Our sales team has been devoted fully to electronic products for more than 10 years.

The products from Wixis Tech are sold in China as well as to many other countries and states all over the world. Most of the orders are drive-down production cost (ODM & OEM).


Wixis Tech Office
Wixis X8 Mousepad

Why Choosing Wixis?

Wixis is unique at blending "Honesty" & "Quality". We do maximaze these two concepts to a perfect confluence, to reach the win-win between our customers and employees. We build not only a respectable image, but also a professional, durable and stable client relationship.

Wixis Technology is looking forward for your co-operation in the social endevour of launching YOUR business career, taking care of its immidiate realization success, in this very near future.

Wixis Tech Factory

By choosing Wixis Tech as partner you will be cooperating with a serious company. We own a good factory ready for your projects. As easy as sending an email to let us know about your ideas, we can make them real together. Thousands of products are assembled every month. Some of them are Wixis, some others are custom projects.

Wixis Tech Factory
Wixis Mousepad X8
Wixis Tech Factory